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Visiting Barcelona years ago and seeing the beautiful Architecture and mosaic work by Antonio Gaudi sparked my creative path. 
After a lot of research, experimentation and practical experience I started working with mosaic and reverse glass painting. Using the 2 ancient art techniques to create contemporary & vibrant and unique mixed media art works, using a wide range of materials like perspex, acetate, glass, acrylic & oil paint on board, wood or metal, trying to integrate recycled wood & metal whenever possible.

Experimentation & play are an important part of the way I work, but also my experience within the past 15 Years shows the quality and refinement in my works.

Inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, especially the beautiful environment I’m surrounded by.

My aim is to create art works which give an uplifting feeling. The depth of the paintings and vibrancy of the colours are difficult to capture on photos, because of the glass reflection. Please be aware about this fact when you view the photos. The short video clip is giving you a better example for the true colours.

Please get in touch for any questions or the latest art works on hand. I often have new art works at my workshop which sell before they get on my website. Commissions are Welcome.



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