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All works are signed on either the front or back of the art work.


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Beatrice Bourhis was born in Constance, of German & French descent. Being exposed to the interesting, beautiful and uplifting architecture and mosaic work by Antonio Gaudi sparked her enthusiasm for her creative path.


Through experimenting and searching for new ways of combining a variety of materials, she has found a way to express the beauty of her surroundings and life itself. She used mosaic as a stepping stone and moved on to a more contemporary level. Combining the mosaic structure with the clear lines of such materials as glass, metal, and Perspex gave her more options to create.


Yet she searched for better ways to express moods, impressions, thoughts and environmental subjects. Now, her abstract painting style is an integral aspect of her work. Colour, line and visual texture are used to express her emotional and cognitive responses to her environment and aspects of her life.

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